1. Terms of Use: Please read the conditions below to use this application. If you do not agree to these terms, we recommend that you do not use the application. You are deemed to have accepted the conditions of use which have started to use the application. As of the time you begin to use it, the terms here will be a binding agreement between you and the Application Owner regarding the use of this Application and Services.

2. Amendments and Addition of Special Terms and Conditions: The owner of the application reserves the right to change the terms of use written here without prior notice at any time. Since the changes and additions are binding on the parties, this page should be visited regularly in order to be aware of the latest usage conditions. This practice means that the use after such modifications can be made, that the said provisions and amendments are accepted. A number of additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of the place or the interaction with the place. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The use of these places on the application after such changes can be done, it also means that the specific provisions and conditions are accepted.

3. No Warranty: This application is provided as is, and does not include any warranties, either written or oral, in the broadest form permitted by law. The Applicant expressly disclaims any warranties, whether in writing or verbally, including but not limited to, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose (including implied conditions such as adequate quality, reasonable suitability or tariff compliance), or compliance guarantees against infringement. The Applicant does not warrant that the applet itself does not carry viruses or other harmful content along with the server and services used in this application to be free of errors, defects will be remedied or serviced.

4. Prohibition of Intervention: It is forbidden to violate or attempt to violate the security of applications and services. In such violations, you may be subject to criminal proceedings and a public case may be opened. Any alleged infringement will be investigated by the Practitioner and will be co-operated with the relevant statutory bodies to conduct the investigation if it is suspected that there has been an illegal infringement. The security of the application shall be deemed to have been violated without any limitation on the following conditions: If it is determined that the above actions are taken, application and service access of the person, user and members is terminated. The person or persons who infringed the violation are liable for the financial legal and criminal sense against the infringer or the Practitioner under the law.

5. Other Prohibited Actions: Other actions prohibited to be performed under the Application or Services are:
6. Services: There are free services in practice. The App Owner reserves the right to make free services free of charge. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove part or all of the Services.

7. Information: Applicant does not warrant and warrant the accuracy of information / content and estimates to be included in the Practice. According to this information and explanations, the persons involved in the initiative can not induce the Applicant to hostility because of the results of their own initiatives. The Application Owner may modify or disassemble all information, estimates, designs or portions of the Application without prior notice.

8. Usage of Application: Application is offered as it is for the users, no specific guarantee is given to the application user. Applicants have the right to undertake or not to undertake any kind of information in this Application. The legal consequences of the decision in this matter are entirely the responsibility of the user. The information contained in the application, any text, images and estimates can not be quoted without permission in print or electronic media without permission. All rights of the Application Owner are reserved. No part of this Application may be copied (including the distribution of copies), reproduced, distributed, published, in any form (such as printout, diskette recording, placement on another site, downloading any other way) except for the purposes expressly stated herein or its contents can not be altered or destroyed.

9. User Information: Your user information can be used in any form for user security and some statistical evaluations. They can be sorted and stored on a database. This information; address, e-mail address, telephone number, activity area, IP address, which parts of the Site are visited, domain name type, browser type, date and time of the user who visited the application or the application. Some information may be uploaded to the computer or phone called "cookie" when the user is connected to or uses the application. With this information, the visit will be privatized and on subsequent visits, the Application User will be able to recognize in advance. If you wish, you can delete or block this information from your computer or from your phone.


1. Application Terms of Use: From the time you start using the application, you will gain access to and use of this application (Shake & Win) with other linked sites and certain services, functions and functions provided through or through this Application. By using these Applications and Services, you understand that you accept the Terms of Use (contained in the Shake & Win application). You do not use these Applications or Services if you feel you can not comply with the Terms of Use and the requirements of the confidentiality provisions herein. Because the Practitioner is an independent person working on his behalf and account; If you agree to any use of this Application by accepting the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement, the Practitioner has no responsibility whatsoever with respect to any action you may take. Changes made to the information gathered during use to inform you of the nature of the information collected and how it is shared with others are provided on this page. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice in our Privacy Policy, which requires regular and careful reading of the Privacy Policy.

2. Terms of Use: In the event that you choose to apply, it is subject to the Privacy and Application Terms and Conditions provided herein, including any disputes arising from your visit and privacy commitment, any damages that may occur, and the application of any provision of jurisdiction.

3. Confidentiality of User Information: Any material or information that is considered to be confidential or intellectual property or that is owned by it can not be sent to this Application or transmitted to it through this Application. Any material submitted in this Application or transmitted through this Application shall be deemed not to be confidential or proprietary. In terms of the material provided, you are free to use, distribute, transmit, display, publicly reproduce, and reproduce this information in an unqualified and irrevocable manner, without being subject to copyright fees.

4. Violation of Privacy Terms: If the Applicant fails to comply with the privacy requirements hereof or attempts to violate the rules, suspend or terminate the access of Users to the Applications and services without prior notice, together with the right to refuse or delete the information contained in the system, (but not necessarily) the right to change. An infringement will be deemed to have been the result of an indirect or violent attempt by a third party acting on the user's behalf or a direct violation.